About Us

Who we are

DEBOER SECURITY GLOBAL LLC is unlike any other security company. With a passion and commitment for getting things right first time, we always go the extra mile to give you peace of mind that you will be at your safest and most secure with us.

We are a Global network of experienced former law enforcement, former military, and security professionals who have honed their skills conducting successful protective operations in multiple countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a systematic approach to ensure world class safety and security to you, your family and business assets anywhere in the world. With DeBoer Security Global, you have access to an experienced network of former law enforcement, former military, and security professionals who have honed their skills conducting successful protective operations across the globe.

Our Team

    Julius de Boer


    Born and raised in the suburbs of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) Julius became an expert in Executive Protection and Advance threa

    Peter Miles

    Director of Operations

    Peter has spent the last 18 years in policing, specialist security and covert surveillance, the last 5 years leading a London b